The Root Audio team integrates itself with people from different spheres of professional activity. Each of which, knows the business and knows their craft excellently. From skilled engineers, excellent technologists of metal working, economists-marketing specialists and just talented musicians. All of us are integrated by one great love; music and a faultless live sound.

We combine our great efforts to create the impossible and are very proud.

With the collaboration from St. Petersburg and Minsk, in less than a year we entered the world market of pedals and manually assembled them all with the Root Audio brand.

We pay attention to the details with such a high standard which in turn makes a flawless quality in all our creations.

First, it is a sound. Developed from a diagram that can take up to 8 months of laborious operation. Each detail of the diagram was reviewed with a plethora of focus, for an achievement of sound that grabs your soul giving you the desire to play and create music infinitely. In pedals, only qualitative elements are selected and are used. Each pedal from the beginning to the end is created by the hands of talented engineers and tested by outstanding musicians.

Secondly, is the development of the casing. 10 summers of experience with metal allowed us to achieve a balance of style and convenience. For the production, we use stainless steel, which is cut with a laser CNC machine with absolute accuracy. After preparing it is then transferred to the bending machine where we can acquire the exclusive form of each pedal.

Following this is the painting of each pedal.



We only use the most resistant polymeric color. It is slightly rough and can immediately can be felt as soon as your hands touch the casing and cannot be forgotten. White top, a black bottom – a classical combination of merging colors. An image is applied on the pedal using the UV printing method which allows details to emerge. Finally, the company logo is placed at the front-end face of a pedal highlighting the color gamma for each specific model.

Each plugin is packed into a personal company wooden box to add some more charm and character.

We are confident in our product. We offer a 2-year warranty and guarantee maintenance.

We do all this with one purpose – to lift the musical industry up into an atmosphere of a new level.